Happy Flops USA
What can I print on the Flip Flops?
  • At Happy Flops USA you may personalize your Flip Flops with any design you wish. 

What is the minimum order?

  • Orders must be a minimum of 25 pairs per design.

How many designs can I choose?

  • For every 25 pairs, you can choose a design, for example:
    If you want 50 pairs you can choose 2 designs, for 75 pairs you can choose 3 designs, for 100 pairs you can choose 4 designs.

Could I only place orders of 25 pairs per purchase?

  • No, the minimum order is 25 pairs, but you can order from 25 onwards from the ones needed, for example: orders of 30, 35, 40,75,80,95 …

Can I do the same designs in 2 colors?

  • Unfortunately  you´re unable to do that only after 50 pairs per order, for example: 50 pairs, 25 pairs of one color and 25 pairs of another color.

Could the designs have 2 or 3 colors?

  • Yes, you could, but for each color it has an extra cost.
    1 ink, 2 inks, 3 inks.
    As shown in the picture.


 What sizes can I choose from?

  • We produce 3 sizes (Small: 6/7,Medium 8/9, Large 10) women's sizes.
    You choose the number of sizes you need.

  • For example
    Medium: 15 pairs
    Large: 10 pairs
    Total: 25 pairs

Do you have sizes for men?

  • Yes, in special orders we can manufacture men's sizes, send us an email for more information. happyflopsusa@gmail.com

What material are the Flip Flops made of?

  • Our Happy Flops are made comfortable Rubber/EVA foam and PVC strap.

What colors of straps can I choose?

  • We provide a great variety of strap colors such as:
    white, black, gold, silver, purple, fuchsia, red, turquoise. 

Could I combine several colors of straps in the same design?

  • Yes, you can put the colors of belts that you like from the same design, but you can not put several colors of inks to the same design.

    As shown in the picture.

How do I personalize my Happy Flops?
  • When purchasing from our web-page, please provide the exact names and date you wish to print on your Flip Flops. this way, we can proceed to make a digital display and authorize production.

How much time is production and shipping?

  • Estimated manufacturing time is up to 15 a 20 business days.

    Standard Shipping: 10 days (FREE SHIPPING)
    Express Shipping: 2 to 5 Business days. (EXTRA COST)

  • NOTE: Transit time varies by region on STANDARD and EXPRESS SHIPPING methods.

Could I combine models? If I like one part of a model and another part of another model.

  • Yes, you can put the part of one design and the other part of another design, and make a new design, or remove and put what you like in your Flip Flops

If I want a new design can you do it?

  • Yes, we can make the idea or design you want, we can put your invitation monogram or whatever you have in mind. (restricted to the designer's assessment)

Can you make the digital sample before making the purchase?

  • Yes, you can send an email to happyflopsusa@gmail.com, with the design you like or the idea you have.

How long does the digital sample takes?

  • If it is a new design, from 2 to 4 working days, if it a design from our catalog in 2 working days.

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